Keeping a Dev Journal

How many of you track your growth as a developer on a regular basis? I've been doing so for the last nine months, and I've found it rather rewarding. I thought I would write about it and share my experiences.

What's a Dev Journal?

For me, a dev journal is simply a daily record of anything I did that's code-related. Any contributions I accepted, any issues I filed on a project, any bugs I fixed, or any programs I wrote for fun. I don't include work-related coding tasks, although maybe I should.

Why Keep One?

The reason I started using a dev journal was to see if I could discern any patterns in how I work on code - particularly in my mental state. I have a problem when working on code in my spare time: I come up with a lot of ideas, and for the ideas that I choose to work on, I will often get distracted by my latest shiny idea and abandon the one I'm currently working on, leaving a trail of half-completed projects in my wake. This is a pattern I'm hoping to find a solution to, so I figured that tracking my day-to-day coding habits and how I feel about them would help.

So far, I haven't identified the underlying cause on why I jump from idea to idea (let me know if you experience this too, or have in the past!), but keeping a dev journal has had other benefits:

Another thing I just started doing (taking a hint from this repository) is to start tracking interesting things I learned that day. You never know when you're going to need to dig that knowledge up!

Do you keep a dev journal? If you already do, or if you want to start keeping one, please let me know what your experience has been!

Published on 2016-02-24