Tracks Bot

An XMPP chat bot for communicating with a Tracks installation.


I use the Tracks web application ( for my GTD needs. I run it on a server at home, so in order to get to it, I need to either create an SSH tunnel or connect to OpenVPN back home. I could use port forwarding, but I'm paranoid about security and opening ports on my router. So I wrote tracks-bot, an XMPP-enabled chatbot that can communicate with Tracks. I have it connected to my Google talk account, so I can add tasks from my mobile phone or from a chat client on whatever machine I'm working on. If you use Tracks, whether it's your own home installation or a hosted one, and you feel like interacting with it via chat, this program is for you! Install it via CPAN, and follow the documentation on the CPAN page (listed below) to get it up and running. As always, I'm available for contact should you have any questions or bug reports, and feature requests are always welcome!