Autopilot is a daemon that runs actions when certain conditions happen. This is a very vague description, I know; however, it's only because autopilot itself does so little. Autopilot's responsibility is to load plugins that provide events, and to invoke handlers when those events occur. A good example of this would be a network status plugin; such a plugin would fire an event every time you connect or disconnect from an network. Some of the things you might want to do when this happens is start/stop system services (ex. if you only want to share media at home), modify a configuration file, etc.


The source for autopilot is on Github:



0.1 is the first release of autopilot; it is very much a trial version! It only provides a single event source (network connection events from Wicd and a single helper module (services.lua, which only works on Arch Linux at the moment).



If you have any questions or ideas for Autopilot, please feel free to Contact Me.