Hello, World!

Well, it's been about a week since I launched this site after a long waiting period, so I figured that my first blog post is overdue. And instead of writing about my recent journeys into SSH configuration files or Moose meta-magic, I'll be metablogging a bit. That's right; the first (official) post on this blog will be about blogging, or, more specifically, this blog. I decided to do a post about starting to blog mainly because this site isn't entirely ready for blogging yet (no discussion system, no trackbacks).

I'll begin with a bit of an explanation: you may have noticed that this is technically not the first blog entry here; rather, there should be a blog post I wrote over a year ago about the wonderful Haiku operating system. It is with this blog post that I hope to write at least one blog entry per week, whether it is discussing something I discovered while doing my job (I'm a Perl programmer at a company here in Madison), expanding upon a neat article I read on someone else's blog, or sharing something I discovered while working on one of my personal projects.

Please check back once a week or so (or get your RSS reader to do it for you). I'll be blogging about my favorite programming languages (Lua and Perl), my favorite revision control system (Git), my favorite editor (Vim), open source projects I find interesting, among other topics.

Of course, any comments, questions, or friendly criticisms of my posts will be most appreciated (once I get the discussion system up and running, that is)!


Published on 2010-09-27