Getting Started With Mojolicious

I'm undertaking a new project with some friends, and I've decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to learn some new things. More specifically, I'd like to learn a Perl web framework other than Catalyst (which I use at work), and I'd like to become more familiar with PostgreSQL, since I also use MySQL at work and I've heard so many good things about Postgres. I'm finding the latter a lot of fun to work with, especially coming from MySQL (I have a saying at work: If you use the phrases 'I assume' and 'MySQL' in the same sentence, you're likely wrong).

The web framework I decided to try out was Mojolicious. I'd heard a lot of buzz about it lately, so I figured I'd give it a try. Now, the Mojolicious team has done a great job compiling documentation on getting familiar with the framework, so I won't cover that here. One thing I've noticed in my short experience with Mojolicious is that finding the relevant documentation can prove difficult. Is the documentation for url_for in Mojolicious or Mojolicious::Controller? Where can I find out the IP address from which the current request originated? If you're starting out with Mojolicious like me, my rule of thumb is to check the following four modules first if the guides haven't yielded anything useful:

And if that doesn't help, I keep a copy of the most recent Mojolicious source on hand for easy grepping!

I'll continue to post more beginner tips for using Mojolicious as I use the framework more. Many thanks to the Mojolicious team for making such a great framework!

Published on 2011-02-28