Long time no see! Welcome to the first (and mostly likely last) post of 2019!

Since last I posted over 18 months ago, I've gone through a number of changes that have really messed with my blogging cadence:

I provide this list not as a string of excuses, but rather to supply new context that will explain some things I'll be writing about in 2020 and beyond. Things like:

Wait, Rob uses Kubernetes now?


Wait, Rob has a kid now?

This list of reasons also doesn't excuse my lack of writing - even with all of these changes, a determined writer will find time to write. Well, that's true - I just would say I wasn't a determined writer! Writing blog posts just wasn't a priority for me, so it fell by the wayside. What's not entirely true is that I wasn't writing - I found over the last year or so that I actually really enjoy writing, and I write a lot - it just happens to be in my personal wiki. Then, a month or two ago, I thought "hey, there are a lot of things in this wiki of mine that are basically 90% complete blog posts - I should publish them!" So I spent some time setting up some new blogging software to integrate with my wiki, to reduce the friction behind publishing. I'm not committing to a "publish one post per week in 2020!" New Year's resolution type thing, but I'm hoping that having a pile of half-finished posts in a place that's easy to publish from will encourage me to publish more.

Published on 2019-12-31