A Pygments Highlighter For Perl 6

For the past two weeks, I have been working on a Pygments syntax highlighter for Perl 6. It has finally reached a state where I feel it is ready to be tested by the community! If you have some Perl 6 code and some spare time, please test it out. Or if you're interested in helping out the Perl 6 community by testing this code, please feel free to grab the source for an existing Perl 6 module (http://modules.perl6.org/) and verify that the colored output makes sense. The code is located here:


There are a few known issues right now, but I don't consider them significant enough to deter this announcement. Here they are:

In addition to fixing these, I intend to implement the following features:

If you find any bugs, or better yet, if you have any improvements to submit, please let me know!

Published on 2013-01-05